Two Leading Zoo Consultants from Australia Join Bali Safari and Marine Park

Bali, January 2009, With over 30 years experience in the zoo industry, Tim Husband and his wife Wendy joined Bali Safari and Marine Park this December.

As the new Curator for Life and Science Tim Husband, who has recently completed a contract in New Zealand, will work with the park’s zookeepers providing additional staff training and development as well as oversee the husbandry and welfare of the animals.

Tim will also be focused on creating an enviable and exciting animal collection for the Bali Safari and Marine Park “I am very impressed with the animal enclosures, how well kept they are and their commitment to education and conservation. Bali Safari and Marine Park is two years old and still growing, it’s a very exciting time to join them,” Tim said.

Wendy who worked initially as a landscaper at Sydney’s famous Taronga Zoo before moving into the marketing department brings over 15 years zoo experience  as well as excellent communication skills to the job. Wendy will take on the role as Curator of Education, working with the park’s management and her dedicated team of educators to provide new and exciting educational programs for all the parks visitors to enjoy.

Tim also worked at Taronga Zoo as a Primate and Carnivore specialist, this is where the pair met and married nearly 20 years ago and together they have their own zoo consultancy company in Australia called Zooworks offering a wide range of services to zoos around Australasia they are particularly proud of the work they did to build the first zoo in Canberra, the national capital of Australia.

Both Tim and Wendy bring a myriad of skills to the Bali Safari and Marine Park to assist them with their future goals and targets for 2010 and look forward to being part of all the new projects and celebrating the upcoming opening of Marine Park.

“We are really excited to have Tim and Wendy join the Park, it is a great way to send a message to the zoo world that we are very serious about making sure our park is world class,” explains General manager Hans Manansang.

Owned and operated by PT Taman Safari who have built an international reputation over the last 25 years for their on going commitment to conservation, education and breeding programs, Bali Safari Park is their third property, a stunning landscaped park set over 40 hectares of rainforest in Gianyar, Bali.

The park features animals from Indonesia, India and Africa in a beautifully themed park that also features colourful educational shows, rides, a water park, animal adventures, a chance to get up close and personal with the wild animals, two restaurants and various kiosks, as well as a fantastic resort overlooking the African safari area.


About Bali Safari & Marine Park

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